Stephen is an owner and Main Board Director of Incergo SA which is due to be listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange in Q4 2018.

With significant history and experience in many sectors, including; telecommunications, financial services, fund management, property companies, chrome plating and metal coating companies. He is passionate about industrial and engineering sector companies.

Stephen is supported by a large and experienced team and partners with multiple individuals and entities. Each company purchase is completed using a different special purpose vehicle to insulate the rest of the portfolio from unwanted or unseen risks.

What we do

We buy :

  • existing profitable companies, often from retiring SME business owners
  • distressed companies or unwanted companies

We fix :

  • profitable companies and build them ready to scale
  • distressed companies

We merge :

  • similar companies together to provide scale
  • creating cost efficiencies, additional profits and buying power

We exit :

  • selling the company back to existing management
  • selling the company to the existing staff (EOT)
  • create an Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • reversing into an existing public company

How we work

Stephen works along with a very talented team, across a diverse range of sectors and geography, including multiple entities (in the UK & USA) along with several UHNW private individuals with the sole aim of creating significant personal wealth.

The beneficiaries of this enhanced wealth include:

The shareholders of the companies we buy (often a retirement capital event).

The shareholders of companies where we take a stake (Private Equity), resolve financials and add to the bottom line and hence the value. Often selling back the stake when the company has increased in value.

This creates a lot of added value and becomes attractive to investors, at which point we use the capital markets to create free capital that can be deployed to buy further companies to grow and for some, a planned exit.

The shareholders in a democratic IPO, RTO or reverse merger (providing a significant increase in both scale and value).


To create lucrative exit paths for owner-managed businesses and to create a group of profitable companies that provide modern work environments and incentives for their employees. Creating real accessible wealth for business owners now, not in the future.


To build a group of UK and global based companies with sales revenues exceeding £200m with a net profit >15%

To list this group in a democratic IPO, creating realisable wealth for all the owner managed businesses involved.