Private Equity

We will consider investing a stake in a company that we like, whether that be a capital investment or “sweat equity”, we look to partner closely and cooperatively with management teams and entrepreneurs that have track records of success. Stephen believes that the combination of our industry knowledge, investment experience, and operational expertise provides you with an edge in identifying and creating value in your business.

Our strategy is not only to work as partners with the management of our portfolio companies, but also to assist in the operations of our businesses and leverage all the resources that we have available to us.

Ways We Invest

In addition to traditional management buyouts and build-ups, the business seeks to find opportunities to provide growth capital and add to the bottom line net profits.

As well as minority investments, growth can come from joining our teams existing mergers, creation of new merger opportunities (roll up) or IPO, where we can partner with public companies and leverage our industry expertise and knowledge.

We work with management teams to focus on driving results, across the spectrum from turnarounds to uber successful companies seeking dynamic growth.

Exit – Our vision is to grow value, so we can all share in the success. We will then find the most suitable way for exit. This may include a sale back to the original management team, exploring employee ownership exits (EOT’s), mergers and Main Market listings.